Service is a big part of how we interact with the community here in Hawaii

To be fully integrated into a community means to serve all people (Christ our God Himself has laid down His own life for the redemption of all). Therefore, the missionaries that come help organizations that serve people in need in Honolulu and other areas of Oahu. Such organizations include, among others, the Institute for Human Services, River of Life Mission, Next Step Shelter, PARENTS, Habitat for Humanity, and Safe House. The Hawaiian Mission also works closely with staff from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Honolulu and Chaminade University of Honolulu.

Serving with all these organizations has made a direct and positive impact on the Hawaiian community; and it has exposed the community to Orthodoxy. Many who have been introduced to our Church through The Hawaiian Mission have consistently attended Bible Studies, Vespers, Liturgies and several other services at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church in Honolulu. Some people have even been baptized and confirmed, thus becoming members of the Body of Christ. The doors of the Church are open to all who desire to live as true children of God.

The missionaries help organize clothing donations, food banks, and toys for the holidays. They cook for and serve the homeless, talk with young people who are trying to lead positive and constructive lives, pray with them, and answer any questions posed to them about their faith in Christ and His Church. Missionaries also help organizations with any task necessary for them to better serve the Hawaiian community at large.



For more information about The Hawaiian Mission or if you are interested in participating or in organizing a mission trip, please Contact Us!